Jasmin Schuller's "Sweet Meat"

Article: Jasmin Schuller's "Sweet Meat"

Jasmin Schuller’s “Sweet Meat” series combines three things I love dearly in life: 1) Dessert, which is my favorite course of any meal. 2) Fulfilling my carnivorous diet of meat. 3) The deceptive humor in trompe l’oeil art, which the New York Times once summarized as such: “There is no art more elementary (or more seductive) than trompe l’oeil. Truly a people’s art, it requires skill to produce, but no conditioning to appreciate and, as a branch of pie-in-the-face humor, it must be one of civilization’s oldest jokes.” In this case, Schuller tells a hilarious joke. She uses raw meat to create shockingly realistic and familiar-looking desserts like sundaes, pies, popsicles and delicate pastries. The reaction to the candy bright photos of these treats becomes unsettling revulsion once the viewer recognizes that there is more to these desserts than meats (pun always intended!) the eye.

Buffaloes and Bison and Ludo, Oh My!

Article: Buffaloes and Bison and Ludo, Oh My!

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More savory wit from our featured food blogger Diana Hossfeld, who writes the food blog Diana Takes a Bite.
“There’s buffalo by my house!” I piped up in the middle of Mrs. Johnson’s fifth grade U.S. History lesson about Native Americans. Heads whipped around to stare, Mrs. Johnson swallowed what I immediately identified as a skeptical snort and guffaw, and my confident declaration rapidly disintegrated into a physical declaration of embarrassment. My cheeks burned as I tried to explain how it was conceivably possible for there to be buffalo roaming around near my house in Newport Beach, California. I did not do well in pleading my case.

Knitted meat

Article: Knitted meat

In her free time, Pratt student Stephanie Casper knits these delightful yarn meats that are also PETA friendly. The plastic shrink wraps is a nice final touch. View more on her Flickr site. [Via]

Saving the family dairy with grass-fed meat

Article: Saving the family dairy with grass-fed meat

You likely haven’t seen much news about the impact the economic decline has had on family owned and operated dairies, but Farm Aid notes that the recession has hit these small businesses particularly hard: the prices of milk paid by processors has dropped 50% since July, 2008. Add this to decades of decline in the small farm and ranch, and you’ve got a recipe for bankruptcy… or creativity.

Fight climate change: eat more meat

Article: Fight climate change: eat more meat

Huh? Isn’t meat production one of the major causes of global warming? Well, yes… but according to Lisa Hamilton, author of Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness, eating meat raised under the right conditions can actually help mitigate climate change.

FOOD, INC. gets a plug from fast food… really!

Article: FOOD, INC. gets a plug from fast food… really!

If you’ve already seen the documentary FOOD, INC., you know that film reiterates the argument that the industrialization of our food supply resulted largely from the rise of fast food: the business model requires a large supply of cheap, consistent meat and produce. If you haven’t seen the film, it turns out you may be able to do so for free… and that fast food Tex-Mex chain Chipotle will pay for your ticket.


Food, Inc.: A gut-wrenching revelation of what's really on your plate

Article: Food, Inc.: A gut-wrenching revelation of what's really on your plate

E. coli? Obesity? Illegal immigration? Hardly a day goes by, it seems, when one of these issues doesn’t appear somewhere in the news. The new documentary film Food Inc. does something that few in the mainstream media have tried with these issues: it demonstrates how they’re all connected to our food system, and the mass production methods that now dominate food processing in the United States.

Burger King wants to feed you seven inches of meat.

Article: Burger King wants to feed you seven inches of meat.

What is it about red meat–and women and meat, specifically–that seems to evoke sex? Carl’s Jr. has long been known for to use sex to shill its sandwiches: Audrina Partridge, Padma Lakshmi, and, of course, Paris Hilton have all been know to bring sex appeal to their spots for their company. Now it appears that Burger King wants to get in on the party, too.