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HAPPY FEET TWO: King of the ensemble film

Article: HAPPY FEET TWO: King of the ensemble film

Folks, we’ve got a number of ensemble films out at the moment – big casts with big names. One, J.C. Chandor’s MARGIN CALL, a first feature that attracted some of the biggest names in Hollywood, surprised even the most cynical of cinephiles. That’s a no-no in most industry circles, the prevailing wisdom being, “a new director just can’t attract the talent.” Go J.C. Chandor! Bring us back to the 90s! Other ensembles recently in theatres include TOWER HEIST and…HAPPY FEET TWO, which I would argue is the most ensemble-y of them all…


Article: TRUE GRIT

I can’t speak to whether the Coen brothers’ TRUE GRIT is as faithful to the book as they claim, but if it is I’d be interested to see how author Charles Portis handles a grueling revenge story brought to a not so thrilling end followed by an abrupt 25-year flash forward and a less than satisfying conclusion. Despite great performances from the five lead actors and the efforts of two of the best filmmakers working today, this version of TRUE GRIT lacks the heart at the core of the 1969 film adaptation, not to mention the gratification an audience is due when the object of a burning revenge is shot dead.

Steven Soderbergh's THE INFORMANT!

Article: Steven Soderbergh's THE INFORMANT!

With movies like the OCEAN’S trilogy, CHE, and THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, Steven Soderbergh has proved he is one of the most prolific working filmmakers. His latest directorial effort, THE INFORMANT! is no exception. But don’t let the trailer fool you. The happy, bumbling, well-meaning corporate exec turned informant is only part of the story. Mark…

Non-stop Soderbergh

Article: Non-stop Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh is a busy, busy man. You would think CHE: PART ONE and TWO and THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE would be enough films for one director to release in a year, but come September Soderbergh will add one more to the list: THE INFORMANT! starring a pudgy Matt Damon as a CEO with a conscience…