Shin Murayama's "Valhalla" masks

Article: Shin Murayama's "Valhalla" masks

This item is slightly older, but I thought it’d be a good fit for my recent theme of mask-related entries. Japanese artist Shin Murayama (now residing in the US) created a series of “Valhalla” masks, stitching together everyday fabrics and materials to evoke an unsettling and slightly creepy feeling for the viewer (or maybe just…

Frederique Daubal, "Hide and Seek"

Article: Frederique Daubal, "Hide and Seek"

Graphic designer and artist Frederique Daubal tackles the overlap between fashion, politics and religion in her series “Hide and Seek.” Frederique cut out pages from fashion magazines, sliced them into fringe and made them into masks resembling Muslim niqābs. It’s a statement on identity, transformation and what it means to be French today. [Via]