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ALL ON THE LINE: From "Star Trek" style to runway-ready

Article: ALL ON THE LINE: From "Star Trek" style to runway-ready

Project Runway fans may remember Season 5 sensation Korto Momolu, who finished second in that year’s competition. Now that she’s created her own budding fashion line, she needs to learn that it takes more than raw talent to build a real business. In this week’s episode of ALL ON THE LINE, Joe wants her to pare back her overdone designs and rebuild her team to create a dress for Mary J. Blige and show a collection to Neiman Marcus.

Top 10 women changing the world

Article: Top 10 women changing the world

Famous people aren’t all bad. In fact, some of them, despite their shortage of time and debilitating desire to be caught on film doing weird, immoral things, actually dedicate their time to helping other people instead of themselves. The trend of celebrities getting involved in charity work seemed to spin out of control once Angelina became such a saint, and now it seems like it’s another Hollywood trend to get involved in making the world a better place. But what can we say? If they’re doing it, they’re doing it – who cares if it’s all for good press?

Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Article: Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Michael Musto has used this space to talk about how the in-crowd is tiring of Lady Gaga. And I have basically told Madonna to give it up now that Gaga has arrived on the scene. And yes, we, like all good gays, will continue to sing her praises. As will MAC. This spring Gaga joins…