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Spider-Man's new identity

Article: Spider-Man's new identity

It wasn’t just the (literally) life and death drama surrounding the Spider-Man Broadway musical that people were gossiping about this year, but its upcoming celluloid cousin – a reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise that re-imagines the possibilities of a Marvel universe with a non-white Peter Parker – was also a source of chatter around the Internet water cooler amongst Marvel, sci-fi, and oddly enough Donald Glover fans.

Marvel Swimsuit Special

Article: Marvel Swimsuit Special

The folks over at have an amazing visual slideshow of the Marvel Swimsuit issues, which were published in the early 90s. They’re like Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. But with comic book heroes.

They’re also the gayest things I’ve ever seen. From
The Marvel Swimsuit Specials were a unique breed of Nineties comic double-you-tee-effery. They took sober, serious superheroes and made them flaunt their décolletage and banana hammocks (more so than usual). Here’s the ripest cheesecake we could find.