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Top Ten: Tweeting Power Couples

Article: Top Ten: Tweeting Power Couples

If you thought Judd Apatow produced some pretty funny movies, wait until you see the father-daughter Twitter banter he and his offspring Maude get up to in their spare time. Catch up on the most hilarious pairings in the Twitterverse and check out the top tweeps who are teaming up to blow out the re-tweet factor.

First things first, what Twitter-team stream is complete without a few furry friends? Read on to get the scoop…

NYC Wine and Food Festival

Article: NYC Wine and Food Festival

If you’re a Food Network junkie like me then you already know about the upcoming Wine and Food Festival in NY where every Food Network chef, I think maybe literally, will either be giving a demonstration or hosting a panel or being interviewed or signing a book. In fact, there will be a how-to on almost everything from wine, coffee and cocktails to making sushi with Masaharu Morimoto.