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Hey, Oscar! Don't forget these performances!

Article: Hey, Oscar! Don't forget these performances!

The illustrious Oscar nominations will be announced on January 24, which gives the choosers ample time to read my urgent plea for them to not leave out some of my favorite people!

After all, I care about the Oscars more than life itself, so ignoring my longings would be as sadistically ill-advised as some of the performances that are already locks.

So now that I have the nominators’ attention, I’ll step up and scream the following:

CYRUS – Now in theaters

Article: CYRUS – Now in theaters

Molly (Marisa Tomei) meets John (John C. Reilly) when she stumbles upon him peeing in the backyard at a party. She’s more amused than shocked, adding that she herself was about to squat in the bushes for a pee, and so their charmingly awkward, middle-aged romance begins. Neither Molly nor John have been in a relationship since their respective divorces; John’s was 7 years ago with ex-wife Jamie (Catherine Keener) and Molly hasn’t seen anyone since her first husband split when she gave birth to their son, Cyrus, who’s now 21 and living at home.