On The Road itinerary

Article: On The Road itinerary

From the Jack Kerouac archives at the New York Public Library is this fascinating page from his manuscript notes (November 1949) outlining his itinerary for the epic seminal novel “On the Road.”

8-bit NYC

Article: 8-bit NYC

The generations that grew up with the old school Nintendo gaming experience will particularly enjoy this interactive zoomable map of New York City created by Brett Camper that mimics the look and feel of the 8-bit video games from that era. Camper explains: 8-bit NYC is an attempt to make the city feel foreign yet…

Al Franken's mapping party trick

Article: Al Franken's mapping party trick

I was blown away by this video of Senator Al Franken freehand drawing from memory a relatively detailed map of the United States and all 50 states recently at the Minnesota State Fair. Gawker poured its predictably snarky haterade over this party trick by calling it a “two-decade old joke” because Al Franken has done…

How sexy is your city?

Article: How sexy is your city?

Ever wonder how sexy your city is? Well, if you’re based in the UK, you have a chance to find out: UK sex toy retailer LoveHoney has created the UK Sex Map, which uses data on sex-related spending to determine just how sexy different townships are. For example: the people of red hot Upminster spends…

Eco-mmunity Map Nominated for Pixel Award

Article: Eco-mmunity Map Nominated for Pixel Award

The Eco-mmunity website has been nominated as one of the best Green related sites on the internet. While this news thrills all the people working behind the scenes at the Sundance Channel, the work and continuing enthusiasm of our Eco-mmunity members is the real reason why the Eco-mmunity Map is being honored with this nomination.…