Hundreds of tourist snapshots layered as one

Article: Hundreds of tourist snapshots layered as one

For her intriguing series “Photo Opportunities,” artist Corinne Vionnet culled hundreds of photos from the Internet of tourist snapshots of famous landmarks from around the world and layered them to produce composite pictures of each popular sightseeing location. Although the artist’s curatorial hand influenced the final result of each image, there is still a remarkable…

Mao impersonators

Article: Mao impersonators

Wired features the photography of Tommaso Bonaventura who traveled to China to capture portraitures of Mao Zedong impersonators, many of whom freelance in “patriotic stage productions” and “work a lively circuit of banquets, holiday celebrations and weddings, at which they deliver famous Mao speeches in his dialect.” What’s interesting (to my western sensibility) is Wired’s…