Final stage of the High Line made public

Article: Final stage of the High Line made public

Had a chance to visit Manhattan’s High Line yet? If not, we’ve got you covered: we’ve been keeping an eye on this conversion of a railroad trestle into a park since its opening in 2009. But that opening didn’t represent the completion of the High Line; it was more of a launch, with more envisioned as time and money permitted. Last year, developers completed the project’s second section, and, last week, they released plans for part three at the Rail Yards.

Kaleidoscopic Manhattan

Article: Kaleidoscopic Manhattan

I’m really digging the new video kaleidoscopic works from artist Anne Morgan Spalter. She captures video footage of urban landscapes such as Rockefeller Center or Fifth Avenue in New York City and then digitally transforms them using a decidedly 19th century concept. The resulting view is a constantly shifting but rigidly geometric patterned series of images as you can observe in the video above (my fave!), which I think is an interesting juxtaposition with the inherent symmetry of Manhattan’s streets. If you are around the Big Apple you should check out her debut NYC show at the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery.

Manhattan versus Brooklyn

Article: Manhattan versus Brooklyn

For those unfamiliar, there’s always a bit of friendly banter and rivalry among New York City boroughs. Things however had been calm until one Etsy’r launched a shot across the bow-klyn bridge at Manhattan with his artisan hand screen printed poster above. Well, Manhattanite James Campbell Taylor returned the fire with his own poster that was “designed using an international software giant’s latest creative suite,” “mass-produced by the overworked, underpaid slaves of a Manhattan-based corporate behemoth,” and most decidedly “not available on Etsy.”

Vimeo of the Week: Manhattan 4:33PM

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Manhattan 4:33PM

Manhattan 4.33pm from Lizzie Oxby on Vimeo. Manhattan 4.33pm, a very short film by Lizzie Oxby, is a real treat. Clocking in at 36 seconds I promise it won’t distract you too much from your day job. It will however make you smile. Taking three still images of Manhattan’s southern skyline, the filmmaker turns the…

Happy Manhattanhenge

Article: Happy Manhattanhenge

Happy Manhattenhenge! I snapped the above photo walking to work this morning west to east on 24th street in Manhattan. The sun was rising in the middle of the street and I was blinded walking, unable to see even a few feet a head. I put the pic on Facebook and a friend of mine…

What do you do with a public art display when it comes down?

Article: What do you do with a public art display when it comes down?

For New York City-based artist Amy Wilson, the answer to that question was recycle it… into something useful that she could sell.

Wilson was one artist of many participating in the Downtown Alliance’s Re:Construction public art program, which “[recast] construction sites as canvasses for innovative public art and architecture.” Her work, It Takes Time to Turn a Space Around, was located at West Thames Park, and consisted of a 130′ x 5′ digital print on vinyl of original watercolor (her primary medium).

High Line Stories – New York City Reinvents the Urban Oasis

Article: High Line Stories – New York City Reinvents the Urban Oasis is excited to present HIGH LINE STORIES as part of our original programming in Digital Shorts. The series tells the story of the High Line in New York City, profiling those involved in transforming this 1.5 mile elevated railway along the west side of Manhattan into a park in the sky. From celebrities to…