Murakami at Versailles

Article: Murakami at Versailles

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“Murakami Versailles” opens today at the 17th-century French palace, and surprise, surprise: some French are offended. It’s probably the same stuffed shirts that reacted to Jeff Koons 2008 installation, and I’m willing to bet that this time around their petitions will have about the same impact, which is to say none at all.

Eurovision: There's a Reason it's Called Euro-trash

Article: Eurovision: There's a Reason it's Called Euro-trash

A streaker (center, wearing a red cap and a t-shirt reading “Jimmy Jump”) appears on stage as Spain’s Daniel Diges performs. (Photo credit: DANIEL SANNUM LAUTEN/AFP/Getty Images) So last Saturday I put on my sparkliest pair of pink hot pants, paid a cab with a three dollar bill and sat under a tree full of…

Heart of Astro Boy

Article: Heart of Astro Boy

I love this x-ray look at the iconic and world famous robot Astro Boy, who first appeared on the scene in 1952 in a Japanese manga created by Osamu Tezuka. Tezuka is an influential artist who some have called the “God of Manga” and has been referred to as the “Japanese Walt Disney.” I can’t…