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Best of Maker Faire, NYC: day two

Article: Best of Maker Faire, NYC: day two

If you missed the Maker Faire this weekend, catch up on some of the best gadgets and whosie-whatsits I saw with the second installment of the best in show.

6. The Enough Already: The practical applications of this lovely little piece of hacker technology are seemingly endless, especially since reality TV shows no signs of slowing. I’ll explain…

Best of Maker Faire, NYC: day one

Article: Best of Maker Faire, NYC: day one

For anyone who secretly looked forward to their annual grammar school science fair – whose heart leapt at the prospect of thinking up a hypothesis, testing it through a series of experiments conducted with whatever household products you could rummage together, recording your results and then pasting them up on your beloved tri-fold poster board – the Maker Faire is for you. Of course, if you’re one of those people then your inner nerd has probably been unleashed by now, and you’re too busy framing your Maker Faire weekend pass to even read this. But for everyone who didn’t spend their Saturday and Sunday learning how to solder or watching a life-size, Rube Goldberg-inspired mousetrap, here are the first five of the ten best things I saw at Maker Faire, NY, 2011.