Coastal cities trying out paperless communication with residents

Article: Coastal cities trying out paperless communication with residents

When I first covered Zumbox, a paperless mail platform based on physical addresses, a few months ago, I was both intrigued and skeptical. I thought the concept was sound, even revolutionary; I wondered, though, how one start-up could attract enough users to its platform to keep it viable. It turns out that local governments are providing one method: yesterday, the company announced that San Francisco and Newark, NJ, are adopting Zumbox for communication with residents.

Flat-Packing Furniture

Article: Flat-Packing Furniture

We noted yesterday that design — that is, products like furniture and architecture — that packs flat makes a lot of sense, and is generally a better way to do things. It requires fewer resources to manufacture and produce, is more space-efficient for shipping and allows for quick ‘n easy modularity, for when you’re on…

Product Service Systems

Article: Product Service Systems

We at TreeHugger are a huge fans of the Product Service System, better known to some as PSS. Though the name is easy to trip over, the concept is brilliant: rather than buying everything you need outright, you can essentially “lease” or “rent” a product, deriving benefit from its service but not retaining ownership. That…