iPad magic show

Article: iPad magic show

Japanese magician Uchida Shinya posted this YouTube (subtitled) video where he uses an iPad with some magic tricks to briefly describe and explain the past, present, and future of human communication. The slight of hand tricks are pretty cool, but if you want to ruin the fun, just read the spoiler comments or watch it…

David Blaine at TED

Article: David Blaine at TED

Magician David Blaine gets a bad rap in some circles, but I always suspect that they are secretly as fascinated by him and his acts, many of which cross the line from magic to the realm of an endurance sport-slash-public art performances, as the rest of us. Blaine gave this riveting and entertaining talk at…

This will make your brain explode

Article: This will make your brain explode

Watch this video where there’s more than meets the eye to what appears to be a simple magic trick. I don’t want to spoil it for the viewer other than to say 1) Watch it, 2) Watch it until the very end, and lastly 3) Ask a friend to collect the parts of your brain…