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Elisabeth Moss on Her First True Sundance Experience and Saying Goodbye to ‘Mad Men’

Article: Elisabeth Moss on Her First True Sundance Experience and Saying Goodbye to ‘Mad Men’

Only three weeks into 2014, Elisabeth Moss has already won a Golden Globe for TOP OF THE LAKE, world premiered two films at the Sundance Film Festival, and shot some scenes for the upcoming final season of Mad Men. Talk about a great way to kick off the new year.

"Mad Men" is Rickrolling in it

Article: "Mad Men" is Rickrolling in it

Still smarting from Mad Men withdrawal? Perhaps this will assuage your need: the show’s stars performing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

How to pick up a shoe: Vintage photos of 'correct' postures for household chores

Article: How to pick up a shoe: Vintage photos of 'correct' postures for household chores

From the Internet time capsule (or rather from Cornell University Library’s digital collection of images on photo series from the 1920s of a former Cornell alumnus Ruth Kellogg “demonstrating correct postures for various forms of housework.” I guess these photos could be viewed as early ergonomic manuals of sorts. These were published in

TV-to-movie dream teams

Article: TV-to-movie dream teams

This weekend, take a break from the “much anticipated” superhero trailers and try to catch THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, a movie about a bunch of retirees moving to a hotel in India. Doesn’t sound too exciting? FALSE – Maggie Smith is in it, who is the baddest b*tch on the block. EXTRA FALSE–Penelope Wilton is also in it, which means we get to see our favorite ladies on Downton Abbey pair up in something where they’ll probably wear turquoise instead of boring period piece outfits. This got us thinking about how we’d like to see some of our favorite TV stars pair up in other movies, too. Here are the best we could come up with:

1. Jon Hamm and John Slattery star in: A Heist Movie

Marrying up is on the way down

Article: Marrying up is on the way down

Is there any generation that doesn’t consider itself a watershed? We’re suckers for studies that prove we were born at a true turning point. Research by the Institute for Public Policy Research — a lefty, UK-based think tank — shows that “marrying up” is becoming a thing of the past, and the change really started with women born in the 1970s (hi!). While there has been a slight rise in the number of women who “marry down” (we prefer to think of it as a rise in the number of men seeking “aspirational marriages”), the most significant change is that more and more women are choosing to marry men of a similar social status, rather than trying to “bag a rich man,” as the classy saying goes. Sorry, Don Draper.

Draperize your home: Get some affordable Mad Men style

Article: Draperize your home: Get some affordable Mad Men style

When I saw Don and Megan Draper’s find out where the set designers found every single item. You probably don’t have your own set designers, so I’m going to help you find a few products to midcentury-up your own abode:

The ladies of Mad Men belt out the hits: From The Supremes to Gillian Hills

Article: The ladies of Mad Men belt out the hits: From The Supremes to Gillian Hills

Mad Men: Set Me Free from popculturepirate on Vimeo.

The highly anticipated season five premiere of Mad Men filled in the corners of the week’s zeitgeist that weren’t already occupied by the adoring fans (racist moviegoers notwithstanding) of THE HUNGER GAMES. In case you missed it, get caught up with Vanity Fair’s high-brow recap. There was also this remix of The Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” created by stitching the dialogue of the women from Mad Men. These sort of supercut remixes always makes me wonder how people had the time to do create these videos.

Top 10 reasons why Don Draper would make a terrible boyfriend

Article: Top 10 reasons why Don Draper would make a terrible boyfriend

The fifth season of MAD MEN premiered last night on AMC with a two-hour special, and Don Draper did nothing to change our minds about his relationship potential. Peggy may worry that he’s a kinder, cuddlier Draper, but we have no such concerns. After all, she didn’t see him resolve a domestic dispute by pretend-raping his wife (what was up with that weird retro porn scene anyway?!). Here are our top ten reasons why Don Draper would make a terrible boyfriend:

How many different ways can Don Draper say "What?"

Article: How many different ways can Don Draper say "What?"

For those of you going through withdrawal now that Mad Men’s latest season has come to a close, here’s semi-related YouTube video someone put together of Don Draper uttering the word “what” in the first four seasons. Don Draper uses the word “what” as Van Gogh used color or Beethoven used sound. Here’s the man…

Trapped inside HD

Article: Trapped inside HD

Recently my whole existence has changed. You see, my household has acquired a 47″ flat screen HD monitor (TV? I guess you could call it that), and our minds are being blown. The question is, is HD really better? It certainly is … strange. Sports? Sure. Amazing. But my tried and true film look? It’s gone, to my eye. A friend and I watched MAD MEN the other night and she kept saying, “I feel like we’re watching rehearsal. [and then again] It feels like we’re watching rehearsal.” Try watching an old classic or two — you probably have. I tried CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (1958, Richard Brooks). Holy crap. (The image above? Nuthin. Pixels. Chunks.)

I had a good childhood and all, but in HD with a modern transfer using advanced digital noise reduction, it’s not like I’m “really there,” it’s not “more than reality,” I’m living INSIDE Big Momma’s internal organs, and it ain’t pretty. “Big Daddy got a clean bill of health!” Help me, I’m inside her liver. Elizabeth Taylor slinks around as Maggie the Cat, Paul Newman limps around with his drink, and Mae and Gooper’s children run in with their guns, frightening everyone. It’s a wonderful film, even though apparently Tennessee Williams despised it. But in HD? I had to rethink it. The late 50s was not the hey day of creamy shallow-depth-of-field imagery in film, and so the Metrocolor crispness is now, well, singed. Orson Welles’ deep focus? Let’s call it deep deep deep focus. You can see what Brick is thinking about.

Photos: on set and behind the scenes of Mad Men

Article: Photos: on set and behind the scenes of Mad Men

Rolling Stone published a great photo gallery of behind the scenes of Mad Men, including this awesome photo of “Ken Cosgrove and Harry Crane” accidentally stumbling upon a MacBook Pro left behind accidentally by a time traveler.

Peek into Mad Men's closet

Article: Peek into Mad Men's closet

My roommates finally got me hooked on Mad Men and like everyone else I’ve become quickly obsessed with the clothing, especially those suits (God, those lapels: Drool!). This video of Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant giving a tour of the closets of Don and Co. is a treat for any fan of the show.…

You Gotta Have Another: Every smoking scene in Mad Men

Article: You Gotta Have Another: Every smoking scene in Mad Men

Whirled, a nifty looking creative ad agency in San Fran compiled every smoking scene in Mad Men, seasons 1 through 3 (total of 39 episodes), into a single YouTube video that will leave us non-smokers feeling nauseous. This video will have one of two results. This repetitious, perfunctory and seemingly pointless act of inhaling smoke…

Mad about Mad Men

Article: Mad about Mad Men

The 50 glorious minutes that are the first episode of Mad Men season 4 more than justify all the show’s pre-premiere hype. Spoiler Alert: If you didn’t cancel all your plans between 10-11 pm last night and sit glued to AMC, then you’ll want to click away until you come to your senses and watch Betty and Don and the rest of the gang in all their season 4 glory.

Mad Men Barbies

Article: Mad Men Barbies

Mattel is set to release four new Barbies ($75 each!) based on characters from Mad Men this coming July to coincide with the start of the show’s fourth season. There’s main character Don Drapper and his soulless wife Betty, company head Roger Sterling and his one-time mistress and office manager extraordinaire, Joan Holloway. While Mattel chose to leave out the “inappropriate,” sinful accessories like martinis, packs of Lucky Strike, and silk panties in suit pockets that are ever-present on the show, it’s still a bold choice for the company to celebrate such a debauched group of alcoholic adulterers. But then again, Barbie was created in 1959, right around the time Mad Men takes place — a time when women were expected to simply look pretty and shut up, make a nice home, and expect their husbands to cheat. So maybe this licensing agreement is not so bold, maybe it’s just eerily perfect.

Mad Men and JEANNE DIELMAN: Separated at birth?

Article: Mad Men and JEANNE DIELMAN: Separated at birth?

The New York Times had a great DVD review last week of two releases that inspired some ‘compare and contrast.’ The two films that just happened to go to market simultaneously are John Cassavetes’s HUSBANDS and Chantal Akerman’s JEANNE DIELMAN, two classics of the 1970s. See visual references below: Could there be two more different looking movie stills?

Sunday nights with Don Draper

Article: Sunday nights with Don Draper

A scene from the first of episode of season 3
After waiting ten months to see their witheringly cynical faces again, MAD MEN is back in all its wife cheating, sharp suit wearing, cocktail sipping glory. To amp up for the premier of season three, AMC sponsored a variety of Mad Men themed happenings around NYC last week, like free fedoras at Friday night’s Met’s game, old timey cocktails at the Hilton (which any good bar should be able to make, Mad Men fever or not) and the costume contest prior to the Times Square screening last night. Going to Times Square, especially in costume, has never been my idea of a fun night out, so instead of sweating side by side with strangers on another sweltering summer night, I was perfectly content to watch the first episode of season three on my couch.