Get your doodle on with a scrapbooking iPad app

Article: Get your doodle on with a scrapbooking iPad app

I have a thing for notebooks. But after years of notebook accumulation, no real pattern or trend has emerged. I collect them indiscriminately—a pink Moleskine here, a cool, cloth-wrapped volume there, some funky vintage find from a flea market. Sadly, most of them sit blank and dusty on a bookshelf in my office, silently pleading for a simple doodle or To-Do list. Alas, my fascination with notebooks doesn’t seem to have come with any real dedication to journaling.

But the creative minds behind new iPad app, Clibe, have come up with a space-saving digital solution for notebook nerds…

313 patents of Steve Jobs

Article: 313 patents of Steve Jobs

I was stunned when news of Steve Jobs resignation as head of Apple reverberated across the news and social wires last Wednesday. The deterioration of his health was one of the worst kept secrets over the past few years, in contrast to the notoriously tight-lipped Apple culture, and I hope that relinquishing the controls will allow him to focus on his health. As someone who grew up in a Mac-only household, the genius of Steve Jobs had a daily impact on my life. This New York Times infographic of the 313 patents that Steve Jobs was involved with gives an insight into just the influence he’s had “…ranging from from the company’s iconic computer cases to the glass staircases that are featured in many Apple stores.”

Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Article: Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Michael Musto has used this space to talk about how the in-crowd is tiring of Lady Gaga. And I have basically told Madonna to give it up now that Gaga has arrived on the scene. And yes, we, like all good gays, will continue to sing her praises. As will MAC. This spring Gaga joins…

Mac and Retna, collaborations in graffiti

Article: Mac and Retna, collaborations in graffiti

“Mac and Retna are unlikely partners. Mac is a photorealist, Retna is all brush.” More unlikely still is the fact that their giant murals, usually the stuff of city streets, have been popping up in places like Art Basel, Miami and on September 26th at the Robert Berman Gallery in Los Angeles. While the photorealism…