National PB&J Day: lower your lunch's environmental impact

Article: National PB&J Day: lower your lunch's environmental impact

This Saturday, April 2nd, is National PB&J Day. While such an event seems aimed at our sense of childhood nostalgia, the folks at the PB&J Campaign have latched on to it (they didn’t add it to the calendar… they swear) as an opportunity to get us all thinking about the environmental impact of our lunch choices.

Producers At Sundance

Article: Producers At Sundance

Sunday’s lunch for Independent Producers at the Kimball Arts Center was good news for the more than 150 producers in attendance. The Creative Producing Initiative will provide five hopeful producers a year-long fellowship, which includes participation in a 5-day Creative Producing Lab as well as year-round mentorship form industry advisers. Scott Macaulay, who has produced a number of Sundance films, welcomed the Initiative: “I think that having a year-long commitment is significant, especially for a new generation of producers. And I’m also glad that it’s for “creative” types rather than money grubbing producers.