Luke Kirby

6 Questions with “Rectify” Star Luke Kirby (Jon Stern)

6 Questions with “Rectify” Star Luke Kirby (Jon Stern)

Luke Kirby, who plays Jon Stern on RECTIFY, talks about the lawyer quote that helps him get into character and his foraging hobby.

Q: Jon’s job seems to be about managing personalities and playing politics as much as it is about knowing the law. Does that make the gig more fun for you?

A: Yeah, I have a kin for that kind of thing. I’m drawn to or intrigued by politics. I’m not the most litigious person, I didn’t study in law, but it’s very revealing and there’s a ton of stuff out there on this. It’s an ongoing education for me. I guess the things that stuck out immediately for me is the time and money that’s required to get anything done in the wheels of justice. There’s a lot of grease necessary to keep it in motion.

Q: Do you think you’d have to same resolve to see a case like Daniel’s through if you were in Jon Stern’s place?