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Everyone Loves Lucy Lawless and Here’s Why…

Article: Everyone Loves Lucy Lawless and Here’s Why…

Who doesn’t love Lucy Lawless? This gorgeous New Zealand-born actress with a sunny (but fierce) personality is a pop culture icon, and she can steal any show in only a few fleeting moments on screen, as she proves in TOP OF THE LAKE; she’s got the charisma to wrap the audience around her little finger in seconds. And while she’s famous for playing Xena, she’s a multidimensional performer with some interests that may surprise you. Read on for some of our favorite Lucy Lawless moments — on and off screen.

Xena joins Greenpeace

Article: Xena joins Greenpeace

Count Xena: Warrior Princess among your guilty pleasures? Got a thing for leather armor mini-dresses and overdubbed battle wails? Miss that smack-you-over-the-head sexual tension between Xena and Gabrielle? Hey, who doesn’t? But since the show’s been off the air for over a decade, actress Lucy Lawless has time on her hands – and is dedicating at least some of it to environmental activism in her native New Zealand.