How to make your love life green and sustainable

Article: How to make your love life green and sustainable

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day coming up tomorrow, April 22nd, we had a chat with Stefanie Iris Weiss about her new book Eco Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable.

How does going green improve your sex life?

If your sex life has gone stale, greening it up instantly relights the spark. Green is healthy, and being healthy automatically grants you a superior sex life. You’ll have more stamina, a heightened libido, a slim, sexy body. What could be better?

How can you make dating more green?

When prepping for a date, use paraben-free products made from USDA-certified organic ingredients, or even better, go DIY and make your own. When it comes to the traditional dinner date, choose restaurants that serve locally grown, organic, sustainable and fair-trade food. Try a vegan or vegetarian restaurant or a homemade feast of raw or vegan food to seduce your lover. And when you’re on your way to meet your date, opt for public transportation, bike, or walk to your rendezvous point. Leave the car at home — you can find a new version of the back seat if you get that far.

Top 10 Romantic Movies

Article: Top 10 Romantic Movies

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in ROMANCING THE STONE.

When I started asking around about what people’s favorite romantic movies were there was a lot of overlapping, but not one person mentioned any – not a single one – from my personal top 10 list, so I felt obliged to share them here (in no particular order) and see if there were any takers.


What’s more lovable than Meg Ryan in her adorable late 80s/early 90s phase? The answer is Meg Ryan side by side in an unexpected romantic duo with Billy Crystal. Who can forget her orgasmic experience at Katz’s Deli? This movie proves that sleeping with your friend doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your relationship.


Holly Golightly may not have found love in the Truman Capote original, but in the hands of screenwriter George Axelrod (THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES, to name a few) she not only finds love but looks fabulous doing it.

The Puma Hardchorus

Article: The Puma Hardchorus

“They want to be in your arms. You want to be in the stands. What do you do when Valentine’s Day falls on game day?” That’s the tagline for Puma’s genius ad campaign, The Puma Hardchorus, which allows hardcore soccer fans to dedicate and send a video of Savage Garden’s 1997 song “Truly Madly Deeply”…

Famous New York valentines

Article: Famous New York valentines

The New York Times collected some valentines written by or to famous New Yorkers. They are quite touching and eloquent, especially the poem that E.B. White wrote to his wife, Katharine Sergeant White. A former New Yorker editor, “in a penciled notation, Katharine recognized it as a rondeau, a French lyrical poem with an unusual…

Sundance Film Festival's Top 10 Lessons in Young Love

Article: Sundance Film Festival's Top 10 Lessons in Young Love

Last week we covered the best love lessons that people could learn from Sundance Festival movies. But kids are people, too — people with raging hormones and tendencies toward the melodramatic and a whole hell of a lot of ignorance thanks to abstinence-only education. So this week we’re looking at the best movies for romantic advice for the after-school-special set:

  1. Adventureland: Sex in a car is never as private as you think it is. Neither is sex with a married man.

  2. American Teen: When you’re in the cool clique in high school, life is totally like a chick flick. Even when you’re not cool, life is still sometimes like a chick flick. But in real life, the jock is always going to dump the rebel punk filmmaker for the ditzy cheerleader. Bring on college!

Sundance Film Festival's Top 10 Lessons in Love

Article: Sundance Film Festival's Top 10 Lessons in Love

The movies are a great place to learn about life, including your love life. Let the characters in these ten Sundance Festival films make the big dating and mating mistakes so you don’t have to:

  1. Once: Sometimes the best love affairs are the ones you never have (i.e. the fantasy is often better than the reality).

  2. The Tao of Steve: In order to be successful with women, be desireless, be excellent, be gone.

Music Video: Land of Talk

Article: Music Video: Land of Talk

Canadian duo WeWereMonkeys weren’t monkeying around in this music video they directed for Land of Talk’s hauntingly wistful “It’s Okay.” The video’s contemplative concept seems to perfectly capture the song’s pensive pace in a surprising and visually gorgeous style. Excuse me now while I manfully wipe my tears away and blow my nose. WeWereMonkeys: Land…

Top 10 reasons why the First Marriage totally rocks our world

Article: Top 10 reasons why the First Marriage totally rocks our world

photo by cliff1066
The cover story in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine is about the First Marriage. It’s both inspiring and a little chastening — let’s see you be President or First Lady and still rock hot monogamy like that. And also a little terrifying — how would we ever recover from an Obama divorce? We’d lose faith in the very institution of marriage! So please, Mr. and Mrs. Obama, hang in there, for us. Here are top 10 reasons why we think they will:

Dear Old Love…

Article: Dear Old Love…

“Dear Old Love” is a Tumblr blog (celebrating its one-year anniversary) which collects short, anonymous notes to romantic interests both past and present, requited and unrequited. Reading them will crack you up/break your heart/make you wonder if they’re from your own S.O.s or exes: Tuned In — I hope you took acid this past weekend…

The love of Tan Hong Ming

Article: The love of Tan Hong Ming

Remember when being in love was simple? By internet standards, this video is prehistoric but too good and too cute not to share. Directed by acclaimed Malaysian director/writer/producer Yasmin Ahmad whose work is well-known for its humor, heart and love that crosses cultural barriers, this ad for Malaysian oil company Petronas was filmed for Malaysia’s…

Love and sex with robots: a vision from the 1920s

Article: Love and sex with robots: a vision from the 1920s

David Levy’s Love and Sex with Robots may have hit the shelves just a few years ago, but the idea of love and sex with robots is hardly a new one. Even as far back as the 1920′s, people were envisioning a future in which robots–or “automatic men”–would be available to tend to the needs…

Books: American Parent

Article: Books: American Parent

Sam Apple just came out with his second memoir (after Schlepping Through the Alps) called American Parent. From it, we learned that The Lamaze Method was created by Stalinists and based on false science that was forced upon the Soviet scientific community because the government couldn’t afford pain relief drugs for women in labor. He swears that’s true! Anyway, here’s a sweet (and sick, if you think about it for too long) excerpt about how his love for his newborn was like a romantic crush…

Talk dirty to me–in Japanese.

Article: Talk dirty to me–in Japanese.

Is your pillow talk growing stale? Do you long for some new phrases to spice up your conversations between the sheets? Why not add a little Japanese flavor to your carnal acts?

GARY, a short animated film

Article: GARY, a short animated film

An animated French short by by Clément Soulmagnon, Yann Benedi, Sébastien Eballard & Quentin Chaillet with a kind of wonderful and magical story. Gary from Gary on Vimeo.

How f'ing romantic

Article: How f'ing romantic

comic by Dani Lurie This is what the internet is for: How Fucking Romantic is a brand new, wicked cool blog that’s illustrating the Magnetic Fields album “69 Love Songs,” one by one: We are a loose collection of mostly London-based comic-artists, illustrators and writers, who have grown up listening to  the Magnetic Fields and…

Patrick Hughes, SIGNS

Article: Patrick Hughes, SIGNS

A short film by Patrick Hughes for the Schweppes Short Film Festival, SIGNS falls a tad on the saccharine side, but it still left me smiling–reassuring me that yes, a love match can be found even when stuck in the rote, routine of life within the isolating habitat of a corporate cubicle. Another takeaway: always…

Cassidy Loves Moby: Online Mini-series

Article: Cassidy Loves Moby: Online Mini-series

CASSIDY LOVES MOBY is a series of four short films starring Moby and a curvy plastic Barbie-type doll that falls in love with him at the Sundance Film Festival. The films were shot on location at Sundance ’08, where Moby appeared and performed with his band “The Little Death.”

Green Invigorates Your Lifestyle

Article: Green Invigorates Your Lifestyle

Making your daily habits more sustainable can require a lot of effort. It is important to get help whenever and wherever you can, because most people are willing to make the effort if they can find the right guidance. Lets assume somebody is interested in having a green wedding. That person could use potted plants…