Los Angeles

Los Angeles police badges over the years

Article: Los Angeles police badges over the years

The Los Angeles Times Magazine examines fifty different LAPD badges from the past 140 years paired with significant moments from the City of Angels’ less than angelic history. The visual timeline starts with an eight-point badge from 1869 and the Chinese Massacre of 1871 when a mob of 500 murdered 19 Chinese immigrants in Chinatown.…

Urban camouflage

Article: Urban camouflage

LA artist Joshua Callaghan’s comissioned public art project is the inverse of typical street art and graffiti. Rather than painting images that disrupts public spaces, Callaghan takes on unsightly utility boxes littering Los Angeles neighborhoods by covering them with vinyl digital images that resemble their surroundings. The paradoxical result is that these boxes attract more…

Mac and Retna, collaborations in graffiti

Article: Mac and Retna, collaborations in graffiti

“Mac and Retna are unlikely partners. Mac is a photorealist, Retna is all brush.” More unlikely still is the fact that their giant murals, usually the stuff of city streets, have been popping up in places like Art Basel, Miami and on September 26th at the Robert Berman Gallery in Los Angeles. While the photorealism…

The Visual Acoustics of Julius Schulman

Article: The Visual Acoustics of Julius Schulman

If the name Julius Shulman doesn’t immediately ring a bell, what about names like Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, or Mies Van der Rohe? Julius Shulman documented them all. But he did more than just take pictures of famous buildings.

Los Angeles fires: a photo gallery

Article: Los Angeles fires: a photo gallery

Matthew’s post the other day showed via time lapse photography the scale and terror of the wildfires ravaging Los Angeles right now. While those moving images are indeed impressive many stunning, horrifying, yet beautiful still images are being captured too. The Los Angeles Times has created a special spot on their website documenting the images.…

California's wildfires in time lapse

Article: California's wildfires in time lapse

As wildfires lick the hills of California, a couple different photographers have captured time lapse footage of the fires spread. The New York Times linked to the first video below which recorded the fires at sunset from LA’s Mulhulland Drive this past Saturday. Set to music by Brian Eno, the second video is a more…

Pee-wee's back

Article: Pee-wee's back

Paul Reubens, he of public masturbatory fame, is reviving the character that made him world famous: Pee-wee Herman. Herman started out as a crude stand-up act and then became a popular children’s TV show and a feature film directed by Tim Burton. Beginning in November, Pee-wee will be performing live at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood. And yes, Chairry, Pterri the pterodactyl and Miss Yvonne will be present. Maybe a trip to LA is in order?