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Long exposure airplane photography

Article: Long exposure airplane photography

Terence Chang has a great Flickr photoset of long exposure composite photographs he snapped of take-offs and landings at San Francisco airport from various vantage points around the city. Speaking of San Francisco: I’d pay a lot of money right now for a Mission district burrito, which incidentally has its own Wikipedia page. [Via]

The longest photographic exposure

Article: The longest photographic exposure

In 2001 New York City’s Museum of Modern Art invited Michael Wesely, renowned for “inventing and refining techniques for making photographs with unusually long exposures,” to photographically document the comprehensive renovation to the museum’s Midtown building. From the summer of 2001 to the building’s completion in 2004, Wesely’s cameras captured the construction site with their…

Bransilav Kropilak, Landings

Article: Bransilav Kropilak, Landings

Bookending the previous entry of Charlie McCarthy’s wondrous time-lapse photographs of the flight paths of insects around a light, Branislav Kropilak’s long-exposure photography series “Landings” captures the linear paths of planes on descent. And the lights look so purrrty.