Maru the cat's latest box adventures

Article: Maru the cat's latest box adventures

Maru, the Japanese star of the video LOLcat genre (previously) is back: This time the owner runs an experiment to see just how small of a box is too small for Maru. Just to give you a sense of how popular this cat is, the video was posted on November 11 and it already has…

Caturdays at NYPL

Article: Caturdays at NYPL

The New York Public Library’s Tumblr posted the first of a weekend segment that jumps on the Caturday meme (a day devoted to LOLcats) by using material from their photo archives, such as the picture above. The file copy affixed to the back of the photo is amusing: Susie, the famous smiling kitten, expresses annoyance…

Meet Maru, the Japanese LOLCat

Article: Meet Maru, the Japanese LOLCat

Maru, a Japanese pet cat with a personality to match his paunchy size, has become a feline phenomenon on the Interwebs with legions of fans and millions of views of his antics on YouTube. Furthermore, he is also the recipient of a 2008 YouTube video award. Why? Among other zany tendencies (like walking around with…