Branding the grid…and beyond

Article: Branding the grid…and beyond

CityMaps is an app that turns the city streets into a logo-emblazoned, alternate reality. And that can be cool, if you are looking for a Starbucks to do your business in. But, it can be horrifying if you are the type of person who thinks you can outsmart the corporatization of everything.

Vikor Hertz' honest logos

Article: Vikor Hertz' honest logos

Swedish graphic designer Vikor Hertz redesigned logos for popular brands, old and new, to be a bit more accurate. See more here. [Via]

Logos without the logo

Article: Logos without the logo

UK creative agency Dorthy created a series titled “You Took My Name” of paintings “that strip famous logos back to their basic graphic forms.” Their instant familiarity speaks to the marketing muscle of these companies in propagating and distributing their brand, as well as the importance of strong design.

Similarities in airline logos

Article: Similarities in airline logos

As our Sunfiltered fans are (I assume) a handsome, sophisticated, and well-traveled bunch, I thought this find by Kottke would be of interest to our globe trotting readers. It seems that a LOT of airlines flock to the more obvious of symbols-birds-when designing their brand logos. The bird and circle combo motif is especially popular.…