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Green tech finds – 7/28/11

Article: Green tech finds – 7/28/11

(Fe) Catalytic Clothing from Protein® on Vimeo.

We get a little more fashionable than usual in this week’s green tech finds: from Linda Loudermilk’s compostable bikini, to a cutting-edge design for an RV (really!), to air-purifying clothing.

The film set trailer goes green: King Kong Production claims its Helios Solar Hybrid Production Trailer can run a full day on the built-in solar and biodiesel generators. So, no fossil emissions from a pampered celeb who’s late to set.

The sleek, all-electric RV: Okay, you likely never associate words like “sleek” or “cutting edge” with recreational vehicles, but NAU’s Ecco Camper may just change that. (via Crisp Green)

Wear Week: Host Fashion

Article: Wear Week: Host Fashion

It’s that time of the week when we talk about THE GREEN online host fashions as seen on-air and in our weekly webisode. This week, Majora Carter wears a striking strapless dress by Linda Loudermilk []. The bright yellow color of the dress appears similar to a sunflower petal, perhaps that is the main ingredient…

GREEN Fashion: Can We Look Good and Feel Good?

Article: GREEN Fashion: Can We Look Good and Feel Good?

This week’s topic on THE GREEN is fashion. As some of you may remember from the golden days of “Saturday Night Live”, Billy Crystal used to play a character named “Fernando”. Fernando used to comment on people’s fashion sense by stating that “it’s better to look good than to feel good”. To this day, many…