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Green tech finds (3/17/11)

Article: Green tech finds (3/17/11)

Raise a glass of Guinness to St. Paddy… and to a couple of Irish green tech finds this week.

Social gaming app for saving energy: JouleBug, a social gaming iPhone app for saving energy, was released this week at SXSW.
ENERGY STAR certified buildings increase by nearly 60%: That’s just one finding from this week’s release of its third annual report on the top 25 cities for ENERGY STAR certified buildings.

The light bulb ban that wasn't

Article: The light bulb ban that wasn't

Heard the news? Incandescent light bulbs will be banned come 2012. The government will force you to buy mercury-laden CFLs or expensive LED bulbs… so better start stockpiling the light bulbs now!

You may have run across this rhetoric, especially now that California has chosen to implement upcoming federal standards a year early (they started on January 1). You may be tempted to pick up a case or two of incandescents. But if you dig just a bit deeper, you’ll find that much of the rhetoric surrounding these new regulations is just that…

Repeat after me: there is no light bulb ban on the horizon.

Green tech finds (6/5/09)

Article: Green tech finds (6/5/09)

It’s Friday… time for your round-up of interesting and innovative green tech stories.

Sony Ericsson announces the release of two new “Greenheart” mobile phones. The company claims both models have a 15% lower carbon footprint than comparable models, and feature a minimum of 50% recycled plastic. (via eWeek)
Ever had your hat blown off in an urban “wind tunnel?” Ohio-based start-up Green Energy Technologies is trying to replicate the effect of wind tunnels, and harness the energy, with its WindCube wind speed amplifier. (via earth2tech)

Check out more green tech finds and see if you can greenify your life!

Electing New Leaders = Greener America

Article: Electing New Leaders = Greener America

Robert Redford really knows his stuff when it comes to the environmental movement. He advocates for a green economy revolution in America, and he has recently explained one great way for Americans to help make this dream a reality. Make sure you read this article carefully as there are a lot of really subtle yet…

Love Field Airport in Dallas Cuts Harmful Chemicals

Article: Love Field Airport in Dallas Cuts Harmful Chemicals

DALLAS, Texas, March 21, 2008 (ENS) – After eliminating 4,000 pounds of harmful chemicals, the management of Dallas Love Field airport is pledging to reduce 1,000 additional pounds as part of a national program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The airport plans to reduce 1,000 pounds of polychlorinated biphenyls, PCBs, as part of…

Britain Budgets for Future Low-carbon Economy

Article: Britain Budgets for Future Low-carbon Economy

LONDON, UK, March 7, 2008 (ENS) – In its budget for 2008-2009, the British government has allocated hundreds of millions of pounds for clean energy technologies over the next three years. Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Hilary Benn, MP, Thursday announced an increase in funding for clean energy technologies, investments and…

Energy Star Home Video

Article: Energy Star Home Video

In an effort to expand people’s consciousness on green topics, Sundance Channel is happy to promote the activities of Energy Star and The Environmental Protection Agency. We hope you enjoy the video and think it is great that Energy Star is making it easier for every day Americans to learn about the green lifestyle choices…

10 Tips For a Green New Year's Party

Article: 10 Tips For a Green New Year's Party

From all of us at THE GREEN blog, happy holidays! We’d like to take this moment to thank you for your support and interest in our blog and all things green. Together, individual by individual, we can propel the large-scale change that is needed to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and our…