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<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 106 (The Marshes)

Liar Recap: Episode 106 (The Marshes)

Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) returns home after Laura’s (Joanne Froggatt) abduction and tells Luke (Jamie Flatters) that Detective Vanessa Harmon (Shelley Conn) is falsely accusing him of rape. He begs Luke to give him an alibi. Luke quietly agrees.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 105 (Check Mate)

Liar Recap: Episode 105 (Check Mate)

Tom (Warren Brown) gives Laura (Joanne Froggatt) a vial of GHP in his car. Laura describes her plan to break into the hospital locker room using Katy’s (Zoë Tapper) key card and plant the GHP in Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) locker. Tom offers to meet her outside the hospital and help execute the plan. Laura finds Katy’s umbrella in Tom’s car. Tom awkwardly explains that Katy left it in the car after he gave her a ride from the hospital.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 104 (Catherine)

Liar Recap: Episode 104 (Catherine)

Laura (Joanne Froggatt) calls Katy (Zoë Tapper) from the airport and tells her that Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) broke into her apartment. She vows to take Andrew down.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 103 (White Rabbit)

Liar Recap: Episode 103 (White Rabbit)

Laura (Joanne Froggatt) wakes up from a nightmare in which Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) throttles her.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 102 (I Know You’re Lying)

Liar Recap: Episode 102 (I Know You’re Lying)

Luke (Jamie Flatters) calls his father Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) at work and tells him about Laura’s (Joanne Froggatt) online post accusing Andrew of rape. Andrew insists that Laura is lying.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 101 (The Date)

Liar Recap: Episode 101 (The Date)

Laura (Joanne Froggatt) returns home after a morning kayak excursion and finds her ex-boyfriend, Tom (Warren Brown), moving the last of his items out of her apartment. They agree to stay friends.