Letters to the children of Troy

Article: Letters to the children of Troy

In 1971, Marguerite Hart, the first children’s librarian at the local library in Troy, Michigan, began a letter writing campaign to many famous people asking them to respond with an open letter to the town’s children about the importance of libraries and reading.

Michael Jackson's letterhead

Article: Michael Jackson's letterhead

Letters of Note has this nice “get well” note sent in 1986 by Michael Jackson to a friend. Note the letterhead and the “BEAT IT” pun.

"I have never drawn PEANUTS for children."

Article: "I have never drawn PEANUTS for children."

David Desmond shared with Letters of Note this well thought out letter he received in 1977 from PEANUTS author Charles Schulz. His point about the dialogue being beyond “a small child’s scope of understanding” is interesting. I’d like to do a little experiment where people of different ages from children to the old explain what…

Early sketches of Wonder Woman

Article: Early sketches of Wonder Woman

From the archives, here’s a piece of correspondence where cartoonist Harry G. Peter sent over a couple concept sketches to Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston. Marston’s response is in red ink at the bottom.

A personal letter from Steve Martin

Article: A personal letter from Steve Martin

In addition to Steve Martin’s delightful business calling card (who else but Steve Martin would have such an antiquated thing?), this wild and crazy guy similarly also has a hilarious form response letter (printed on his production company’s letter head) to fan mail. Steve, we’ll always have Rio.

Quest of the lettermen

Article: Quest of the lettermen

Chris Gavin‘s experimental stop-motion film, TXT ISLAND. Painstakingly hand-crafted using hundreds of plastic peg-board letters over several months, this little gem follows the endeavors of a squad of letters, as they delve deep into the jungle of a mysterious island.  Gavin is one of the several extremely talented award-winning directors from TANDEM, an innovative animation…