What I'm lusting: the LetterMPress iPad app

Article: What I'm lusting: the LetterMPress iPad app

If you caught my recent post on letterpress wiz Alan Kitching or the bit on my personal blog about how letterpress, specifically the tactile qualities of rolling bright, glossy ink over weathered, wood type is like porn for me, then you know why the iPad app LetterMPress is nothing less than titillating. Sadly, I don’t own an iPad (donations…

Alan Kitching plays with type

Article: Alan Kitching plays with type

As someone who spent countless hours of her childhood in her mother’s letterpress studio – doing odd jobs, scoring paper, organizing boxes of envelopes and playing with the ancient-looking wood and metal type in the old, wooden pull-out drawers, I totally get the overwhelming sensation Alan Kitching felt when he first stepped foot into the commercial typesetter where he apprenticed when he was fifteen. Kitching is now a much older man with a long gray beard and a long-established graphic design and letterpress career, but it was at that moment as a teenager when he walked into the letterpress office that he knew he had found his home.