Joe Zee on Nicole Miller

Article: Joe Zee on Nicole Miller

Her Challenge: Nicole Miller is a totally different case study altogether. First of all, she isn’t struggling at all in the same sense as the other designers I’ve worked with. She’s a hugely successful brand that is already carried in every major department store with incredible sales. So where does my role come in exactly? I wanted to help Nicole make her business EVEN BIGGER.

Joe Zee on Designer Aysha Saeed

Article: Joe Zee on Designer Aysha Saeed

Her Challenge: I found Aysha an extremely interesting case from the moment I first arrived to meet her. She seemed very confident, poised, in control and yet she wanted my help, which intrigued me. After listening to her story and seeing her clothing, I had a better understanding. First of all, she’s invested almost one million dollars (one million!!) of her own money into the company and just wasn’t seeing the return on revenue she was anticipating. Sure, she was selling SOME of her collection but it wasn’t the blowout success she had anticipated. And in terms of her collection, she had some pretty shift dresses but that was it – just pretty shift dresses. I could see this being a bigger business for her in the dress departments of major retailers but she wanted to make a splash. And a splash requires creativity – which means taking her designs out of the confines of her personal dressing and into something that will stand out in a bigger way on a department store floor. But you can’t even begin to make that splash if you’ve closed yourself off to any creative brainstorming. Aysha was strong-willed and often apprehensive when it came to taking advice so welcoming ideas from her team wasn’t always top of mind for her. She needed a creative intervention – and quick. Enter a new inspiration exercise.

Episode Recap – Between the Sheets – Not a Fairytale Ending

Article: Episode Recap – Between the Sheets – Not a Fairytale Ending

It’s true, fashion can be completely unpredictable, I will give you that. I never knew that when I entered into my venture with Layla and Josh, the dating duo from Between the Sheets, that our time together would have escalated into the finale that it did. I entered into it with the thought I could help BTS turn their business around by keeping what they do AND expanding into a burgeoning market at the same time. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work out as planned. Which is too bad.