Lelo's short film of vibrators at Cannes

Article: Lelo's short film of vibrators at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing right now (May 16-27) and one of its special guests is one of our favorite pleasure-object producers: the high end Swedish design company, Lelo. They’re screening their very own short — okay, it’s a crummy commercial. But as with everything Lelo does, it’s beautiful, sleek, glamourous, luxurious and inviting — like their toys (although we never will get the appeal of squirming around on a bed of roses).

Write a haiku, win a sex toy

Article: Write a haiku, win a sex toy

Over on our home base blog we’re running a contest to give away the Oden, a brand new, luxury, wireless remote-controlled, vibrating couples’ ring from Lelo. But we figured, hey, the holidays are upon us, why not spread the (potential for) love and open it up to all you fabulous SUNfiltered readers? The Oden is part of Lelo’s new Insignia line of pleasure objects that allows you or your partner to control the sensations wirelessly with just the tilt of a hand. Yes, iPhone and Wii technology has finally made it into your bedroom. It goes for $179 – so here’s your chance to score big with little effort and zero cash!

Three new "SenseMotion" Vibes from Lelo

Article: Three new "SenseMotion" Vibes from Lelo

It’s always fun when something truly innovative comes along in the sex toy industry. Remember the first vibrating egg women could use internally? Or the first vibrating love ring worn by men during intercourse? Or the more recent We-Vibe worn by women during intercourse? Those all had a pretty high wow-factor when they first appeared on the scene.

Now our friends over at Lelo, one of our favorite “pleasure object” producers, have taken those three designs and given them a new twist with motion-sensor technology (the kind of thing in smartphones and video game consoles) that allows their vibrations to be controlled by the movement of a wireless remote control that works up to 39 feet away!

Lelo's siriously powerful new toy, the Siri

Article: Lelo's siriously powerful new toy, the Siri

Lelo’s new vibe, Siri
A few weeks ago we mentioned that one of our favorite conscientious toy manufacturers, Lelo, came out with a new line of sophisticated sensual accessories. Well, we can’t keep up with them, because they’ve got another new product out, the Siri — and it’s got a lot going for it.