The youngest Apple fanboy and his homemade creations

Article: The youngest Apple fanboy and his homemade creations

The title of youngest, biggest Apple fanboy and technologist has been spoken for by a precocious five-year-old named London. His mother sweetly explains how her first iPhone ignited an obsession in London (or as she refers to him, the “Little Techie”) with all things related to Apple. As a result, their home is strewn with “at least 50 iPhone and iPods made out of paper, icons and applications built out of LEGOS, and cardboard laptops and broken keyboards filling his toy bins and bookshelf.” And luckily for us, these creations are now archived and displayed at a Tumblr all its own, Little Techie. I personally love the paper craft designed ones, such as this detailed iPad, but unsurprisingly LEGO bricks figure prominently in many of his models.

Infographics: What they are, how to make 'em

Article: Infographics: What they are, how to make 'em

The recent past has seen an explosion online of infographics, many of which are quickly and virally disseminated. In fact, is a whole website devoted to the discipline. The field certainly isn’t new, and lately designers have been able to create some really wonderful infographics by leveraging computers. But what exactly is an infographic, anyway?

Breaking Bad LEGO meth lab: For the kid/tweaker in all of us!

Article: Breaking Bad LEGO meth lab: For the kid/tweaker in all of us!

When I was a kid I liked to “play” some of my favorite TV shows with my LEGOs. I guess it was sort of like “recreating” Thunder Cats with what I had on hand (since my parents wouldn’t buy me the actual Thunder Cats toys…which I’ll get over never, Mom). None of my efforts managed to come close to this LEGO recreation of a Breaking Bad meth lab.

The dark art of ApocaLego

Article: The dark art of ApocaLego

Kevin “Crimson Wolf” Fedde (quite a nickname to live up to) is one of a surprising number of LEGO builders and fans (there are over 1,000 members on its Flickr pool) who dabble in the dark art of “ApocaLego,” a popular subgenre devoted to constructing sets with apocalyptic themes, be it a “zombocalypse, bioplague, robot insurrection or nuclear conflagration.”

The art of the LEGO brick

Article: The art of the LEGO brick

New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya takes LEGO bricks, the building block of our youth, and creates sculptures that evoke a slightly uncanny or eerie emotion.

Build your own LEGO skull

Article: Build your own LEGO skull

This is just so cool: Clay Morrow created this LEGO skull. You can build your own by downloading the instructions provided here (pdf). Speaking of LEGO projects, check out this hack of an IKEA table decorated with LEGO bricks to give it a pixelated decorative design.

Vimeo of the Week: LEGO Technic Super-8 Movie Projector

Article: Vimeo of the Week: LEGO Technic Super-8 Movie Projector

Lego Technic Super-8 Movie Projector from Friedemann Wachsmuth on Vimeo. Friedemann Wachsmuth’s amazing little film Lego Technic Super-8 Movie Projector is pretty freaking awesome. The filmmaker/designer built a fully functional Super-8 projector using nothing but LEGOs! Ok, wait, I take that back. He did use a lens, reel spindles and a lamp not made of…

270,000 piece LEGO sculpture

Article: 270,000 piece LEGO sculpture

Artist Lene Rønsholt Wille spent six weeks and used 270,000 white LEGO bricks to construct this installation at Amsterdam’s Central Hall of World Trade Center. It looks like something that Richard Serra might have built or played around with when he was a kid.

Brooklyn recreated with LEGO

Article: Brooklyn recreated with LEGO

Boerum Hill resident Jonathan Lopes has spent the last four years putting together and recreating a mini-Brooklyn made out of LEGO blocks in his 400-square-foot living room. The result is rather impressive. A four-foot model of the Williamsburg Savings Bank is also on display at his local cleaners (Boerum Hill Dry Cleaners at 391 Pacific…

Vimeo of the Week: AH

Article: Vimeo of the Week: AH

Ah from studio shelter on Vimeo. Lee SungHwan directed the quirky and fun film AH for Studio Shelter in Seoul, Korea. Made from LEGOs and stop-motion graphics the film’s fast pace includes number countdowns, cops and robbers, Star Wars, and my favorite, a LEGO version of the SMPTE color bars from TV. It’s perfect for…

LEGO Victorian houses in decay

Article: LEGO Victorian houses in decay

Mike Doyle is constructing Victorian style houses in decay out of LEGO bricks. The result as seen above is pretty impressive. He also shares the behind the scenes work that goes into each house on his blog. [Via]

Famous movie scenes recreated with LEGO

Article: Famous movie scenes recreated with LEGO

Alex Eylar uses LEGO bricks and meticulous set-ups to recreate stills of famous scenes from American cinema. For this iconic shot from THE SHINING, he writes: The Shining twins are one of the few things in this world that REALLY creep me out. I saw that scene on TV when I was little; it’s always…

LEGO version of Sad Keanu Reeves

Article: LEGO version of Sad Keanu Reeves

The Sad Keanu Reeves meme has been circulating around the Internet for awhile with no signs of it going away, and New York Magazine’s Vulture blog finally asked the actor about this meme, which he was unfamiliar with. He did seem to be a good sport about it once it was explained to him. He…

MoMA staff recreate art in LEGO versions

Article: MoMA staff recreate art in LEGO versions

Inspired by Christoph Niemann’s (a favorite over here at SUNfiltered) recreations of iconic New York landmarks using LEGO bricks, some of the MoMA staff spent a Friday afternoon made their own LEGO minimalist miniature replicas of pieces from the museum’s collection. Seen above is Richard Serra’s “Equal (Corner Prop Piece)” and “One Ton Prop (House…

Amazing LEGO Falling Water

Article: Amazing LEGO Falling Water

Nearly a year ago on this blog, I posted about LEGO sets of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, including the iconic residential “Falling Water,” which was cool. However that official set, which is also much smaller, is amateur compared to Croatian “LEGO architect” Matija Grguric’s version seen above. I love that she built it in a winter setting, and the water effect is really fantastic.

LEGO conference table

Article: LEGO conference table

Dublin-based creative ad agency Boys and Girls put together this sweet conference table using LEGO bricks (22,742 total). View more photos here and check out a time lapse Making-of video after the jump.

I can't "lego" of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Article: I can't "lego" of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

This music video remake of Bonnie Tyler’s hit song popular in karaokes all over the world, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” provides today’s moment of levity. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a dramatic full choir and moody LEGO characters?!

Lego house update

Article: Lego house update

Earlier this summer I shared news that UK’s TOP GEAR host James May was building a house made entirely of Lego bricks. Well construction has gotten underway. Here’s a fun photo gallery update of the impressive progress so far. Maybe I was thinking a little too big and unrealistic when I heard the original announcement;…

Stop-motion lego arcade games

Article: Stop-motion lego arcade games

This short by Michael Hickox would be right in the middle of a Venn diagram overlapping LEGO, classic arcade games, and stop motion video, which are three popular trends lately in the blogosphere.

Movie posters recreated as LEGO

Article: Movie posters recreated as LEGO

I don’t know if this is a symptom of the possibly disturbing revelation that I’ve never quite left my childhood in the past, but I’m of the opinion that anything recreated with LEGO equals instant amazingness and blog worthiness, such as these movie posters. And I think the most of the Internet seems to agree…

LEGO + Frank Lloyd Wright

Article: LEGO + Frank Lloyd Wright

I could not be more excited for this news: LEGO in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is releasing a new line consisting of 6 buildings, including two of Wright’s most famous designs, “Falling Water” and the Guggenheim, although NPR’s Edward Lifson commented “I can’t believe that in the Lego set they include the…