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Greener consumption: The all-bottled-up edition

Article: Greener consumption: The all-bottled-up edition

Empty bottles — what do you do with them? For most of us, the answer is “throw them in the recycling bin.” Others look at those bottles, made of either plastic or glass, and see serving trays, jeans or water heaters. See the many things you can do with a used bottle in this week’s Greener Consumption.

Growth: the monster that ate Vegas

Article: Growth: the monster that ate Vegas

Know the story of St. Matthew Island? It’s one of the most popular ways of illustrating the concept of carrying capacity: animals in an environment with no natural predators eventually wipe themselves out by outgrowing their supply of necessary resources.

Crazy Vegas billboard

Article: Crazy Vegas billboard

Sometimes what happens in Vegas simply can’t stay in Vegas. While driving through Sin City this past weekend, Lo saw the crazy-ass billboard above — so crazy-ass that she had to pull the car over and take a picture. Now, we’re no prudes. Okay, we’re kinda prudes. But we’re happy to talk openly and honestly…

Las Vegas betting on green

Article: Las Vegas betting on green

As a former resident of Las Vegas, I can attest to the obvious: with its air conditioned high-rise hotel/casinos, massive water features, and cookie-cutter gated developments as far as the eye can see, Sin City isn’t exactly a model of resource efficiency. Of course, many places aren’t… but Vegas’ unique combination of resource scarcity and…