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Made In Utah

Article: Made In Utah

While many of the festival’s films were developed at the Sundance Labs (like Alex Rivera’s THE SLEEP DEALER) in Sundance, UT, other films are even more local, having been shot in the state or made by locals. Salt Lake City Tribune’s article “Sundance: Utah under the lens” [] highlights the local films at this year’s festival. Parts of Ari Gold’s “Park City at Midnight” adventure ADVENTURES OF POWER [] were shot in various Utah towns. And then there are a variety of local heroes who hail from the state. The most obvious is Amy Redford – here with her debut feature THE GUITAR…

Anyway You Swag It

Article: Anyway You Swag It

It’s wouldn’t be Sundance without a comment about swag, that four-letter word that speaks to man’s most mercenary desires. It used to be that swag was all about specific film marketing — an AMERICAN PIMP [] t-shirt, a pair of THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS [] gloves, a snow globe, a lighter, or a glow-in-the-dark rubber with the name of the film printed over it. In recent years, however, swag has gone upscale. And its opponents have gotten serious….