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Lauper loves Lady

Article: Lauper loves Lady

Cyndi Lauper’s all over the place these days. She’s hilarious and batty on The Celebrity Apprentice. And she’s finishing up her new album of Memphis blues songs. And she’s penning essays for Time.Yes, Time. In this smart essay, the onetime freak-flag waving newcomer, passes her crown over to Lady Gaga. As one of Time’s 100…

Beyonce channels Bettie Page, Pam Grier, and Lady Gaga

Article: Beyonce channels Bettie Page, Pam Grier, and Lady Gaga

“Why Don’t You Love Me” – BeyoncĂ© from BeyoncĂ© on Vimeo. BeyoncĂ© Knowles’ is one tricky lady. Just when you think she’s achieved superstar status and is headed in the direction on bland mass market appeal she does something crazy. Like star in the god damned freak show “Telephone” video with the one and only…

Neat iPhone music video

Article: Neat iPhone music video

Israeli band Izabo incorporates multiple iPhones in their fun music video for their single “On My Way.” It can also be viewed like the next iPhone ad campaign concept. This is also the perfect segue to share an impressive video of a one-girl band using four iPhones to recreate Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” This YouTube…

An interview with Simon Curtis

Article: An interview with Simon Curtis

While in LA I chatted with Simon Curtis, who I featured on SUNfiltered a little while back.

Simon, you’re everywhere all of a sudden. Where did you come from?
Well, technically I was born in Michigan and raised in Oklahoma, but I think you mean career-wise, ha. I started performing in musical theater and opera when I was 10, moved to LA right after graduating, starred in a Nickelodeon movie musical two years later and did some other television work, and wrote and co-produced my first album back in October which was just released three weeks ago for free online. Quite a run-on sentence there, but it about sums it all up!

Chat Roulette meets Lady Gaga

Article: Chat Roulette meets Lady Gaga

Chat Roulette and Lady Gaga go hand in hand. Within the urban gay community I run with (and also the Suburban teenage girl community I don’t run with) they’re the two most talked about things. Like, um, really. This Gaga Telephone spoof may be deemed too lowbrow by some Sundance lovers. Which is precisely why…

The Doggie Gaga Project

Article: The Doggie Gaga Project

Lady Gaga ascension to pop’s super stardom was cemented even more last week with the debut of her video “Telephone,” a nine minute movie honoring Quentin Tarantino and homicide. It also stars Beyonce who adopts the curious wardrobe and dance moves of Gaga. After watching, many were left repulsed. Many more, inspired. One such Gaga-inspired…

Five brilliant Gaga covers

Article: Five brilliant Gaga covers

The world went crazy the other day over the release of Lady Gaga’s video for “Telephone.” It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is insane. Everyone, haters and lovers alike, can agree that video is nuts. Bananas. Nuts and bananas. I think that Gaga’s talent as a musician is often overshadowed by her costumes.…

Lady Gaga dollars

Article: Lady Gaga dollars

“ Craig Gleason has been doctoring George in the likeness of Lady Gaga and the results are fantastic. One could say that I’m absolutely gaga over them. View more here and you can buy them at Craig’s (slightly NSFW) blog.

It’s Hard to be Old, White and Rich in H’Wood These Days

Article: It’s Hard to be Old, White and Rich in H’Wood These Days

PRECIOUS stars Mariah Carey and Gabourey Sidibe, at the Independent Spirit Awards Wow. The last couple of days have been a BLUR… Friday were the Independent Spirit Awards – which rocked. For some reason the gods decided to bless me and my date, Estee Lauder Pres. John Demsey, and sit us front and center with…

Keith Haring

Article: Keith Haring

With little fanfare or media attention the 20 year anniversary of the death of Keith Haring came and went this week. It is a bit of a shame as Haring’s legacy remains strong. Even though Lady GaGa and Cyndi Lauper have been working the talk show circuit drumming up conversations about AIDS, the disease seems to have dropped off the public radar. Yes, it may be less deadly, but it is no less an issue and a problem. Haring stands as a symbol of AIDS. Gone too soon. A young talent lost. His art was a precursor to the Kid Robot generation.

Gaga meets the Pet Shop Boys

Article: Gaga meets the Pet Shop Boys

It seems Lady GaGa’s not had enough of gay pop star collaborations. A mere weeks after her dueling piano duet with Elton John at the Grammys GaGa showed up at the BRIT awards, the UK equivalent to the Grammys, and performed with the night’s honorees, The Pet Shop Boys. GaGa filled in for Dusty Springfield…

God hates GaGa

Article: God hates GaGa

Via Andy Towle I found this frightening video put out by the Westboro Baptist Cult. You know the “God Hates Fags” people. Those crazy freaks. Well, in the days of YouTube, the church, er, cult is getting more creative. Adding to their funeral protests, they’ve now gone all Weird Al on us making a parody…

Johnny Weir goes GaGa

Article: Johnny Weir goes GaGa

Johnny Weir goes GaGa in a brilliant asymmetrical costume using broken glass.

After winning third place at U.S. Nationals for men’s figure skating, Johnny returned to Spokane, WA this weekend to performance an exhibition skate to Lady GaGa’s “Pokerface.” This isn’t the first time he’s gone GaGa; he started skating this exhibition routine in early 2009 and it became an instant crowd pleaser!

View his entire routine after the jump.

Lady Gaga, creative director at Polaroid

Article: Lady Gaga, creative director at Polaroid

Lady Gaga’s world dominance is not stopping as her world tour roles into Atlantic City this weekend. I am going to the show, 2 hours south of Manhtattan, because the 4 shows at Radio City sold out in record time and I don’t know anyone important enough to get me one. Sundance? Mr. Redford?

The Lady Gaga doll collection

Article: The Lady Gaga doll collection

If you browse through this amazing Flickr photo album you’ll see true talent on display. You’ll also see that some queen has way, way too much time on her hands. But I am thankful for the recession for reasons like this.

Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Article: Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Michael Musto has used this space to talk about how the in-crowd is tiring of Lady Gaga. And I have basically told Madonna to give it up now that Gaga has arrived on the scene. And yes, we, like all good gays, will continue to sing her praises. As will MAC. This spring Gaga joins…

The Backlash Against Lady Gaga Has Begun!

Article: The Backlash Against Lady Gaga Has Begun!

People are turning against Lady Gaga! As someone who sings about the pitfalls of fame, the omnipresent chanteuse should have known that as a result of her own stardom, cynics would be scrunching their foreheads and declaring her unworthy of it.

The bigger she gets, the more people dredge up the nerve to declare her Lady Caca.

Poker Face spoof: Neutra Face!

Article: Poker Face spoof: Neutra Face!

The intersection of two current popular topics, Lady Gaga and at least among the design bloggerati, typeface art (previously) resulted in “Neutra Face,” a brilliant spoof of Lady Gaga’s hit song “Poker Face” that’s making the rounds on the Internet. Insert pun here using “Comic Sans.”

Bad Romance, amazing video

Article: Bad Romance, amazing video

I wrote an essay a few weeks back about Lady GaGa’s taking over from Madonna and becoming the numero uno gay pop icon. And any gay with a Facebook account can attest to this with a simple look at their status update bar from this week. The gays are going gaga over Bad Romance, the new…

Christopher Walken performs Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"

Article: Christopher Walken performs Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"

I looked up “deadpan” in the dictionary recently found this video of Christopher Walken reciting the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s hit anthem “Poker Face” in the manner that only he (and countless imitators) can. Even Kanye wouldn’t dispute the man’s genius.

Blonde heir – Madonna and Lady Gaga

Article: Blonde heir – Madonna and Lady Gaga

Unless you have been living under a rock then assuredly you have witnessed the pop culture tipping point and subsequent freaky-deaky takeover of the world by one Miss Lady Gaga. It should be noted that she’s not your typical Madonna-wannabe. She’s the heir apparent.

Ga-Ga for GaGa

Article: Ga-Ga for GaGa

Lady GaGa recently turned head’s in London when she appeared at a charitable mural painting donning the most ridiculous hairstyle this side of Cher. Seriously, GaGa is KooKoo.