Update: Renzo Piano's LACMA

Article: Update: Renzo Piano's LACMA

When Eli Broad first invited starchitect Renzo Piano to enter the competition to make sense of LACMA’s chaotic cluster of buildings in 2001, Piano declined, adding that “it’s very frustrating to play a good piece by a string quartet in the middle of three badly played rock concerts.” Ouch, take that, weird clump of old LACMA buildings. Soon after, Rem Koolhaas’ design was chosen, a ballsy plan that involved demolishing most of LACMA’s existing structures and building new galleries. Luckily, Broad and Co. came to their senses, threw out Koolhaas’ ridiculous idea and begged Piano to reconsider.

Rainn Wilson tweets for LACMA

Article: Rainn Wilson tweets for LACMA

In an effort to broaden their reach, LACMA has enlisted the twittering service of Rainn Wilson, whose own Twitter feed is one of the most popular on the site. His campaign is called “I HATE LACMA” and includes tweets like “LACMA isn’t nearly as cool as the African American museum down the street, BLACMA,” and “My new sculpture is displayed in the 2nd floor mens room. It’s made of feces and shaped like a big poo.”

John Baldessari at LACMA

Article: John Baldessari at LACMA

John Baldessari’s work can be seen as a steady progression, starting simply and building upwards. His first works, which he produced in the late 60s, were cocky, tongue-in-cheek, text-based conceptual pieces in the style of Lawrence Weiner, but with less poetry and graphic flair. These pieces relied heavily on funny, ironic phrases like his first…

From Russia with love

Article: From Russia with love

With THE LAST STATION and A ROOM AND A HALF currently out in theaters, it looks as if we have Russia on the mind. I wouldn’t call it a frenzy – both films met with a so-so response from audiences, but the LACMA is doing Russia proud with its weekend screening series dedicated to Andrei Tarkovksy, the director who popularized Soviet cinema.

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries presents

Article: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries presents

If you go to the LACMA home page right now you won’t see a list of current exhibitions or visitor information. Instead you’ll be treated to the moving, talking, walking text-based piece “Hey, Where’d All the Smart Guys Go?” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. After you see this you’ll of course want to see more,…