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Eating Los Angeles

Article: Eating Los Angeles

Don’t call it a roach coach – LA’s taco trucks are better than ever The economy has been very democratic this year in that it has made businesses at every level suffer, and the restaurant biz is no exception. From coffee shops to four star affairs, the life span of restaurants has been as tenuous…

The Poster Showdown

Article: The Poster Showdown

While Park City has passed strict laws governing film marketing that doesn’t mean problems don’t still occur. For example, while it is illegal to hand out flyers or post cards on Main Street, people can ask you for your card. Scott Foundas [] at the LA Weekly reported on a recent poster war that has erupted on main street. Elsewhere all about a town someone has been posting another sign promoting local town spirit, and, well, denigrating Sundance. I guess, it’s a love/hate relationship.