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Banned words at New York Magazine

Article: Banned words at New York Magazine

Hugo Lindgren shared this memo tacked to the bulletin board in the office of Kurt Andersen, then-editor of New York Magazine. It listed words and phrases that Andersen didn’t want his staff using in their stories for the magazine. This reminds me of the buzz (which maybe should be a banned word as well…?) last…

PopTech 2009

Article: PopTech 2009

PopTech 2009 kicked off its three days of talks yesterday morning with speaker Kurt Andersen (remember SPY magazine?), the host of Studio360 who has “turned his indefatigable curiosity to examining everything from 19th-century health farms to the dot.com boom to Mick Jagger’s resemblance to Don Knotts.” Other speakers scheduled for today and tomorrow include a…