Forget TITANIC — 5 films from 1997 we want to see again

Article: Forget TITANIC — 5 films from 1997 we want to see again

TITANIC re-hits theaters today in 3D. Of course, unless you’ve been living under a rock you already knew that. It’s okay if you’ve been living under a rock. I certainly was back in 1997! I never saw TITANIC and I don’t really think it entered into my consciousness much back then. My ‘rock’ in this situation was my own teenage malaise and the fact that there was no Joy Division on the film’s soundtrack. Back in 1997 I was a senior in high school who had just secured a New York State driver’s license and spent most of my time studying for AP exams, going to punk shows and wishing I was just in college already. I did manage to see some movies, and a few of them were pretty awesome! So, let’s travel back in time to the year that George Clooney was Batman, Keanu Reeves was married to Charlize Theron and Meatloaf drove the Spice Girls around to check out five films we’d happily pay to see in the theater again (especially if we are talking about 1997 prices):