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Elvis Costello and Amazing Guests

Article: Elvis Costello and Amazing Guests

I’ll try to keep a lid on the hyperbole here, but I have to say the group of singers and songwriters on this week’s show is quite a collection. Kris Kristofferson, Rosanne Cash, John Mellencamp and Norah Jones – that’s a lot of talent on one stage. Oh, and there’s that Costello character QB’ing the…

Elvis Costello, American Idol

Article: Elvis Costello, American Idol

As luck would have it, this edition of SPECTACLE turns out to be the perfect episode for the week in which the United States installs a new President. Elvis Costello’s guests this time around share powerful ties to the roots and heritage of American music—country, most obviously, but also folk, blues, and jazz. Kris Kristofferson…