Rediscovering Human League

Article: Rediscovering Human League

When I saw, and wrote about, OMD’s new record the other day a few of my younger friends said they’d never heard of OMD. Never heard of OMD? I was shocked. I felt old. Very, very old.

This realization that the youth of today is missing out on such a wonderful period of music, the 1980s, shocked me. Um, where do you think Gaga got all her ideas? I started searching through the 15K songs in my iTunes library. Where did pop music as we know it today come from? Too electric to be Rock. Too camp to be hip-hop. Today’s pop music, from Ke$Ha to Gaga to Rihanna, owes much to electro-pop.

Beatles, Stones, and Robots?

Article: Beatles, Stones, and Robots?

Culture Now is a newish blog I have been reading for about a year now. It is wonderfully designed and easy to read. The subject matter focuses on art, culture, design, and media. And though music definitely fits snugly under the culture umbrella I was a bit surprised to find an essay on Kraftwerk on Culture Now the other day.

Time To Start Coachoosing Your Coachella 2008 Itinerary

Article: Time To Start Coachoosing Your Coachella 2008 Itinerary

Pack your sunscreen and get ready to dehydrate: it’s Coachella week, and if you’re making your way out to the desert, this post’s for you. Goldenvoice’s finally released the timetables for this weekend’s indie fun in Indio, so while you’ll want to deflect your general animosity towards all things not of your own design unto…