Automotive cross-stitch embroidery

Article: Automotive cross-stitch embroidery

Lithuanian artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene incorporates delicate, cross-stitched floral patterns into common household objects like plates, lamps and (unexpectedly) car doors, which are particularly impressive. The effect is especially awe-mazing in the close-up photos.

Needles out: grandma graffiti on the rise

Article: Needles out: grandma graffiti on the rise

Crochet artist Olek, from New York Magazine’s story on Home Design
Street art has taken a dramatically more domestic turn of late with the recent influx of yarn bombing: knitters who take their hobby outside of the home and to the sidewalks and lampposts in cities all over the world. Also called grandma graffiti, yarn bombers take their needles to the streets under the cover of nightfall to wrap public property in their colorful crocheted creations. Technically, it’s still considered vandalism, but most yarn bombers say police “are more likely to laugh at them than issue a summons.”

The knitting clock

Article: The knitting clock

One of the “knit-er” pieces exhibited at the 2010 DMY International Design Festival in Berlin was German designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen’s piece “365.” It’s a year round clock that “seeks to give a physical manifestation to the change of time” by automatically knitting a two-yard long scarf in one year with one revolution equaling one…

Knitting's for the birds

Article: Knitting's for the birds

Many days of the week as I walk through SoHo to get a cup of coffee I often stop and stare through the window of Purl, the fabulous knitting shop. And while the women, yes, they’re almost always women in there, shop for yarns and quilting fabrics I cannot help but become envious of their ability…