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A Strange Fruit – Joey Arias

Article: A Strange Fruit – Joey Arias

Joey Arias is a rare bird. A strange fruit. And they don’t exist like this anymore. They broke the mold many, many years ago. Joey’s had a storied career. He ran around town with Warhol. Lived with Klaus Nomi. Performed with David Bowie on SNL. And then he embraced drag and started channeling Billie Holiday.…


Article: Ira Sachs' LAST ADDRESS

Last Address from Ira Sachs on Vimeo. Though 7 months old I just happened upon Ira Sachs’ short film LAST ADDRESS. It’s simple and somber and yet so very powerful. Shot in New York, the film is a montage of street views of various addresses throughout the NYC Metro area. Each address was the last…