Kim Jong Il

The late Kim Jong-il — Movie producer and film buff

Article: The late Kim Jong-il — Movie producer and film buff

The Internet is teeming with remembrances of North Korea’s recently departed Dear Leader. They run the gamut from the weirdly hysterical to the geopolitical, but here at SUNfiltered we’re mainly concerned with the dictator’s cinematic legacy. He was a big film buff, but he also dabbled in producing. His greatest achievement had to be the monster movie PULGASARI. He definitely had his own unique style of getting a movie made. We don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but North Korea’s future supreme leader kidnapped South Korean director Shin Sang-Ok, along with his wife, actress Choe Un-Hee, and forced them to make this little bit of cinema history. Take that, Harvey Weinstein.

Kim Jong Il looking at things

Article: Kim Jong Il looking at things

Kim Jong Il Looking At Things is a single serve Tumblr site devoted to The Dear Leader…looking at things. As my high school friend Jason commented, “It’s kinda beautiful in a way. Too bad he’s a tyrant. And he lives on Mars.” I really do wish China would step in and put him and his…

The "T" is for totalitarian

Article: The "T" is for totalitarian

Webnewser’s Hunter Walker made an interesting find: North Korea’s repressive regime is apparently selling T-shirts and other kitschy propaganda through Cafepress, the online custom gift store. Promoted on the official website of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the store features stylish offerings like this one: More at Webnewser. [via Gawker.]