Keith Haring

Old Keith Haring profile

Article: Old Keith Haring profile

From the annals of street and graffiti art history is this old 8-minute video profile of artist Keith Haring during his pop culture ascendancy, including interviews with the artist and his dealer Tony Shafrazi (along with representing countless other artists, he also incidentally gained infamy for once spray painting in an act of protest “Kill…

Where the starving artists slept

Article: Where the starving artists slept

New York Magazine has a photo gallery of various artists who called New York City their home, even if that home was at times decidedly humble and threadbare as seen in many of these photos. Above is a photo from 1983 of “[Keith] Haring with his boyfriend, Juan Dubose, in the railroad apartment they shared…


Article: Ira Sachs' LAST ADDRESS

Last Address from Ira Sachs on Vimeo. Though 7 months old I just happened upon Ira Sachs’ short film LAST ADDRESS. It’s simple and somber and yet so very powerful. Shot in New York, the film is a montage of street views of various addresses throughout the NYC Metro area. Each address was the last…

Keith Haring and Obey

Article: Keith Haring and Obey

Modern Art fans may want to walk this year’s AIDS Walk in NYC. Shepard Fairey, famous for his iconic Obama poster and Andre the Giant/Obey street art/clothing label is donating a free shirt to anyone who walks with the Keith Haring Foundation’s team. The shirt features an image of Haring, a victim of AIDS, taken…

Keith Haring

Article: Keith Haring

With little fanfare or media attention the 20 year anniversary of the death of Keith Haring came and went this week. It is a bit of a shame as Haring’s legacy remains strong. Even though Lady GaGa and Cyndi Lauper have been working the talk show circuit drumming up conversations about AIDS, the disease seems to have dropped off the public radar. Yes, it may be less deadly, but it is no less an issue and a problem. Haring stands as a symbol of AIDS. Gone too soon. A young talent lost. His art was a precursor to the Kid Robot generation.

Recipe Look: cooking without words

Article: Recipe Look: cooking without words

For visual learners, like myself, using cookbooks can be troublesome. All those words and no pictures? This is not how I learn or work. It is wonderful then that the folks over at Recipe Look have taken a new approach to cooking in their online recipe collection. Their blog features plenty of recipes. The kicker:…