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Article: David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE

David Lynch’s INLAND EMPIRE is in some ways the ultimate expression of a story he’s been writing for decades. Shot on digital video, Lynch (who’s said he’d never work with film again) was free to explore the subconscious of himself and his characters without regard to things like the cost of film stock or the unwieldiness of large cameras and lighting setups. INLAND EMPIRE was shot without a script, and out of order, with Lynch hoping that it would somehow come together in the end. For him, it did.

Update: More Done Deals

Article: Update: More Done Deals

UPDATE: This runaway hit from Sundance Film Festival, SON OF RAMBOW, went on to the Milwaukee Film Festival and will be coming out on DVD soon. The story of two young kids who think of themselves as the “sons of Rambo(w)”. About youth, imagination and the troubles of a challenging childhood.