How to make a Michael Cera movie

Article: How to make a Michael Cera movie

Michael Cera, who loves to play lovable and awkward teens, is at it again with YOUTH IN REVOLT, in theaters now. Which you may or may not want to see since apparently it is more of the same. Filmdrunk created the below recipe for a Michael Cera film. From JUNO and SUPERBAD to NICK AND…

Too much air up there

Article: Too much air up there

As we brace for awards season, I buckled up and went to see UP IN THE AIR, on the lips of many-a-critic as contender for Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor. So why did I find it so … airy? As in, without much substance?

And I’ll readily admit, I like some smooth Clooney romance just as much as the other guy, and Vera Farmiga is a great partner for George in a little heated hub-bub. (Although nothing, but nothing, tops Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, in Soderbergh’s OUT OF SIGHT.) AIR does have some great elements – sharp dialogue, snappy performances, and an organic, surprising twist that plays beautifully – so what’s the problem?