“THE RED ROAD” Recap: Season 1

Article: “THE RED ROAD” Recap: Season 1

In the small town of Walpole, New Jersey, a college student has gone missing in Lenape territory, creating tension between the two communities — the townsfolk and Native Americans. While local sheriff Harold Jensen investigates the student’s disappearance, his old rival Phillip Kopus, now an ex-con, returns to town. Meanwhile, Rachel (Harold’s older daughter) and Junior (a Lenape boy) are in the midst of a high school romance frowned upon by Jean, Rachel’s mother who — trying to track them down one night — injures a Lenape boy in a hit and run.

5 Questions with “The Red Road” Star Kiowa Gordon

Article: 5 Questions with “The Red Road” Star Kiowa Gordon

Actor Kiowa Gordon (THE RED ROAD’s Junior) talks about his role in the Twilight franchise and his potential future as a pop singer.

Q: Your first movie role was in such a hugely popular franchise. Was all the attention around Twilight surreal? How did you deal with it?

A: Oh yeah, I was an 18 year old kid fresh out of high school. I just dealt with it one day at a time. I tried to stay close to old friends and family to keep me from going insane.

Q: You’re a member of the Hualapai Nation in Arizona. Can you talk about your connection to the tribe & where you grew up?

Legal Download: Pregnancy on demand

Article: Legal Download: Pregnancy on demand

The world of film is changing. For one thing, there’s not much actual film anymore. The future is digital; more and more, it’s streaming on our computers, too. Every week in Legal Download, we survey the landscape of online movies to bring you a snapshot of what’s available. This week, put down your birth plan and tell your Lamaze instructor you’re going to be late, because it’s time to talk about pregnancy movies.