Jump around: Jordan Matter's jumping photos of dancers

Article: Jump around: Jordan Matter's jumping photos of dancers

It’s not a big surprise to anyone that peruses through my Flickr or knows me that I’ve been a long time fan of jumping photos as both a participant and as the photographer. My friends and I however look like complete amateurs compared to these fantastic photos taken by photographer Jordan Matter (recently covered by Em and Lo here) of dancers leaping through the air in various iconic or familiar areas of New York City, such as Parisa Khobdeh at a Yankees game. Matter explains:
Dancers Among Us is a collection of NYC dance photographs featuring members of the Paul Taylor, Mark Morris and Martha Graham Dance Companies. This is an ongoing project that began in the spring of 2009. There were no trampolines or other devices used for these images, just thousands of hours of training.
A couple more after the jump that I really liked!

Jump around: parkour extraordinaire

Article: Jump around: parkour extraordinaire

Watch Damien Walters’ breathtaking, supernatural highlight reel of some of his new stunts and parkour-ing. How is this guy not an action movie star? As my photographer buddy Jerome put it tweeted: “Jumping…We were all doing it wrong.” It may be time to put my health insurance to work because I really wanna learn how…