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Young Love: Now playing on Sundance Channel

Article: Young Love: Now playing on Sundance Channel

Xavier Dolan, Niels Schneider and Monia Chokri in HEARTBEATS.
This week Sundance celebrates hot, young boys in love, starting tonight with a young Leonardo DiCaprio in TOTAL ECLIPSE. Leo plays 19th-century bad boy teen poet, Arthur Rimbaud (think lots of blousy shirts and sultry looks), who sends some of his poems to the famous writer, Paul Verlaine (played by David Thewlis, who won Best Actor at Cannes for the role in 1995). Verlaine is so impressed he invites Rimbaud to come stay at his house, but when he arrives he’s shocked to discover that Rimbaud is a crude and obnoxious sixteen-year-old kid. Still, he falls in love with him (in reality, Rimabud was nowhere near as cute as Leo, but hey, love is blind and Verlaine was no looker either), but it’s not a great match. Things don’t usually go well when you abandon your wife and kid for a hot teenage poet, whom you become so possessive of that you shoot him in a jealous rage. Luckily, Verlaine only hit Rimbaud’s left wrist, and he was a righty anyway. Hindsight’s a bitch, eh Paul?…



Well, this is certainly random. But the last two movies I’ve seen: Duncan Jones’ SOURCE CODE and Abbas Kiarostami’s CERTIFIED COPY have more in common than at first meets the eye. Maybe in reality this correlation should only speak to my slightly diverse movie-going habits – big budget to small budget, American thriller to Iranian-directed drama – and the human need to draw lines between things. Nonetheless, back to back, both of these films engage with the notion that a copy or version of the self, if sent forward into the world or a parallel world, will behave differently and respond to different stimuli than would original ‘self’ (see how I’m getting all meta here with the single quotation marks?), and thus render strikingly different results for one’s life path. Characters from both films accomplish this. Cool, right?